Gary Lee of Watermark Builders has built over 100 new homes, and he has simplified building a new home, a seemingly complicated process, into a manageable and fun experience. Teamed with creative designers and vendors, Watermark Builders are also known for building some of the area's freshest and most unique custom homes on the market.


At Watermark Builders, we use the same vast experience that has enabled us to be a premier home builder in our home remodeling undertakings.
We have vast design and build experience in our resource pool. We look forward to making your remodeling home vision a reality.


With his own home and office in the City of Bellaire, Texas, Gary Lee has made a commitment to stay within close reach of his projects.
He enjoys being part of the Central Houston community where he can remain available to his customers for his continued dedication to their Watermark Built home.

Bellaire Showcase Home 2007 Bellaire Texas home by Watermark Builders Great Room Bellaire Showcase Home 2007 by Houston area Watermark Builders stairway ceiling view Bellaire Showcase Home 2007 luxury home built by Watermark Builders Great Room Bellaire custom home Showcase 2003 family room hand-carved fireplace mantle by Watermark Builders Bellaire Showcase Home 2007 by Watermark Builders Great Window
Watermark Builders Custom Kitchen Showcase Bellaire Texas 2002 Award Winning Bellaire Showcase Home 2005, custom kitchen cabinetry, floors are reclaimed pavers from French villa, built by Watermark Builders Bellaire Showcase 2009, kitchen in custom home by house builder Watermark Builders in Bellaire Texas Bellaire Texas custom new home built by Watermark Builders with modern kitchen with custom hardwood floors and stainless steel appliances Bellarie Home Custom Kitchen built by Watermark Builders award winning new home construction in Houston Texas
Bellaire Showcase Home 2007 Luxury Home by Watermark Builders Courtyard at Night Bellaire Showcase Home 2007 house built by Watermark Builders Award Winning Bellaire Showcase 2005, rear porch, cedar beams, outdoor kitchen by Watermark Builders in Houston Texas Memorial Villages custom home, shown here is the outdoor sitting area, paver stones and custom swimming pool New built home by Watermark Builders in Bellaire Texas
Bedroom 01 Bedroom 02 Bedroom 03 Bedroom 04 Bedroom 05
Bathroom 01 Bathroom 02 Bathroom 03 Bathroom 04 Bathroom 05
Living and Outdoor Living 01 Living and Outdoor Living 02 Living and Outdoor Living 03 Living and Outdoor Living 04 Living and Outdoor Living 05